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Three charged with making a murder bid over parking lot


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred three Asians to the Dubai Criminal Court on charges of attempted murder of another due to a dispute over a parking lot.

The case dated back to last December when the victim had a disagreement with three Asians over a public parking lot.

The victim stated in the public prosecution interrogations that a verbal altercation erupted between him and one of the defendants.

The altercation snowballed into a fight, where another defendant hit the victim in the head with a stone, while the third defendant used a fire extinguisher and a screwdriver to assault the victim.

ASIAN JAILED: The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Asian to 3 months in jail after convicting him of deliberately destroying the building and public property of a government department.

The defendant destroyed the contents of an apartment in a building belonging to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) used for housing people by the Dubai Police.

According to the prosecution witness, a report was received from the DHA security officers that an apartment belonging to the DHA was damaged. The witness said he visited the apartment and found that it had been heavily damaged by an unknown person. After examining the apartment, the police came and arrested the defendant, who confessed to the charges levelled against him during the public prosecution’s interrogations.

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