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Dubai shuts 5 salons, fines 14 businesses, books jet ski owners


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Somaiya Saad, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Municipality shut down five salons and three food establishments in Dubai for not adhering to the precautionary measures, while it fined 23 other institutions and issued 57 warnings against others. The number of establishments that were found meeting the approved requirements reached 2,467, during 2,555 visits in one day, the Municipality said.

The Dubai Municipality called on all food establishments in the emirate, such as restaurants, cafeterias, cafes that provide food, groceries, supermarkets, and bakeries, to ensure that the delivery vehicles are sterilised, maintain food safety measures after each order, and that the delivery workers dispose masks and gloves after each order.

It also explained that the inspection teams at the Municipality carry out a number of routine inspection visits, based on consumer reports, and fines are applied according to Local Order No. 11 of 2003 regarding public health and community safety in the Emirate of Dubai. The fines differ according to the type of violation, and are doubled if repeated, the Municipality added.


The most outstanding violations that were detected were non-compliance with physical distancing, wearing personal safety equipment such as masks and gloves during preparation, and not using approved sterilisation and disinfection material.

It called on all community members to contact the municipality’s toll-free number 800900, to report any violations related to food safety, so that the municipality would deal with the institution immediately.

Meanwhile, the field inspection teams from the Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) Sector in Dubai Economy continued their visits and inspection tours across the emirate to ensure commitment to precautionary measures enforced to limit the spread of COVID-19, according to WAM.

During yesterday’s tours, Dubai Economy imposed fines on 14 commercial establishments, mainly for employees’ lack of commitment to wearing masks. The violations were spotted in establishments distributed in a number of shopping centres, and in Ayal Nasir, Al Daghaya, Al Khabaisi, Riggat Al Buteen, and Al Garhoud, and their activities included retailing, medical supplies, money exchange, shipping, and marketing management.


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The field inspection teams also warned five other commercial establishments for not placing the physical distancing stickers as required. Overall, inspections yesterday found that 634 shops and commercial establishments fully complied with the precautionary measures.

Dubai Economy also urged everyone to report any non-compliance to the precautionary guidelines through the Dubai Consumer app available on the Apple and Google stores, by calling 600545555, or by visiting the website.

In another development, the Ports Police Station of the Dubai Police issued 274 violations against watercraft owners and users since the beginning of the year 2020.

According to Colonel Saeed Al-Madhani, Director of the Ports Police Station, they have issued 228 violations against jet skis and 46 violations against private and tourist watercraft.

Colonel Al-Madhani noted that the violations issued against jet ski owners were due to several reasons including expiration of the licence, entry into prohibited places such as swimming areas and hotel beaches, apart from non-compliance with the specified timings for the use of jet skis from sunrise to sunset. The Director of the Ports Police Station confirmed that most violations were recorded near Jumeirah and Al Mamzar beaches, stressing that a Dhs1,000 fine was applicable for operating an expired vessel, and a Dhs2,000 fine for operating a jet ski outside the permitted timings.

Colonel Al-Madhani urged jet ski users to abide by laws and ensure the availability of safety equipment such as life jackets as not wearing such is punishable by law with a Dhs3,000 fine.

He further noted that beachgoers must be careful not to approach private and tourist ships and should adhere to specified speeds that do not exceed 5 to 7 nautical miles or overload the marine craft.

Colonel Al-Madhani reminded beachgoers that the (Sail Safely) feature on Dubai Police app allows users to track the cruise’s journey; warn them about any delays during the trip; identify hazards; send distress requests directly to the Dubai Police, and facilitate a rapid emergency response.

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