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Pakistani and Indian artists join hands to promote peace


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Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

A virtual art exhibition “Irteqa” is being organised by the Overseas Pakistani Artists Fraternity (OSPAF) under the banner of Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD). This is a unique exhibition aimed at spreading unity and harmony by the Pakistani and Indian artists.

The virtual display of art will be through Zoom on Sunday at 6:00 pm and some of the artwork will be physically displayed at the GCC’s first not-for-profit healthcare facility, the Pakistan Medical Centre.

Irteqa means evolution; it’s a unique concept where for the first time Pakistani and Indian artists have come together on the platform of OSPAF  to spread the message of positivity, universal love, and contribute towards a common cause of PMC. OSPAF is an art committee of PAD.

“The process has stirred emotions, got us nostalgic and made us all go down the memory lane. Activities like these give an opportunity to appreciate diverse viewpoints and contribute towards a greater cause through artistic impressions,” said Masooma Rizvi, curator of the exhibition and a participating artist.

Rizvi is leading OSPAF that aims to provide a platform to overseas Pakistani artists and display their phenomenal art being produced on various platforms. She has curated multiple exhibitions in the UAE and on an international platform.

“This exhibition is in line with the theme of tolerance that we promote at the Pakistan Medical Centre. At PMC, we cater to people of all nationalities and all beliefs, likewise, through this art exhibit PAD shall highlight the work of artists across different nationalities” said Muhsin Al Banna, general secretary of PAD.

“This is the first of the many exhibitions planned with artists of different backgrounds to promote harmony and tolerance,” said Al Banna, Emirati artist. Ahmad Rukni Al Awadhi has also shown great appreciation of the cause and calls it a “step towards tolerance and better relations.”

The role of the UAE in bringing various nationalities together and engaging them in a harmonious way has been commendable.

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