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Man in the dock for importing drugs in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred an American man, 26, for importing drugs through mail. Details of the incident date back to last March, when a customs officer suspected a package that was sent under the defendant’s name.

The officer found 8 filters containing 102 grams of drugs hidden inside a box of sweets.

Accordingly, the defendant was put under a drug test which had a positive result, and was immediately arrested and charged with drug trafficking.

In another development, an African man was arrested and referred to the criminal court, with other 7 runaway accomplices, for beating and robbing a man of Dhs40,000 in Dubai.

The victim testified that he was lured through a fake online massage service, and discovered that he was tricked later on.

Once the victim arrived at the apartment, he was surprised to find seven Africans attacking him, tying him up and brutally beating him.

The gang robbed him of Dhs500 in cash, and took his credit card to withdraw Dhs40,000.

The arrested defendant was jailed and prosecuted for being involved in similar robberies with the other runaway accomplices.

Earlier, the Dubai Public Prosecution referred an Asian gang of three members and an Arab, to the criminal court for possessing fake currency and exchanging it for over Dhs65,000 in Dubai.

Official records indicate that the four defendants were in possession of 16,000 Euros, and had planned to exchange the amount using a tricky method to cover up their crime.

An employee at the exchange testified that he was approached by the first defendant, who asked him to convert 5,000 Euros into dirhams.

The defendant then returned again with the presence of the second and third defendants, claiming that they had another 11,000 Euros which they desired to exchange using their identification card. The employee trusted that the money was real, as he had a prior knowledge of the defendant, and gave them Dhs65,500 in return.

A few days later, the exchange found out that the defendants had used fake credentials and fake currencies to get the mentioned amount.

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