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Arab manager booked for molesting and beating female employer in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


A 27-year-old Arab manager was arrested and referred to criminal court for molesting and physically assaulting his ex-female employer in Dubai.


During investigations, the victim testified that she was with the company of a friend at a café, when she saw the defendant, who was the manager of her previous company.


They both greeted each other and the defendant offered to invite the victim for lunch.


The victim agreed to meet with him later on, and accordingly, she headed to his vehicle, and was surprised to find that the defendant’s friend was already inside the vehicle.


The defendant drove to an empty sand area, parked the car, and asked the victim for a personal favour.


Apparently, he wanted the victim to help him reconcile with a mutual friend that they had.


When the victim refused, the defendant asked his friend to get out of vehicle, and then leaned towards the victim and offered to give her money for helping him, but she refused again.


He suddenly groped her and began to touch her body; and when the scared victim pushed him back, he slapped her and repeatedly punched her arm.


After seeing the victim in a hysterical state of crying, he apologised then dropped her off to the nearest metro station.


The victim reported the incident to police who arrested the defendant.


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