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Arab salesman embezzles Dhs160,000 through selling airline tickets


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


The Dubai Public Prosecution referred a 30-year-old Arab salesman to criminal court for forging documents and embezzling over Dhs160,000 through selling airline tickets to travellers.


Official records indicate that the defendant was working as a salesman for an airline company for three years, and his duty was to sell tickets, upgrade flight classes for travellers.


During the last seven months of his duty, the defendant intentionally did not record revenues of his sales and began to embezzle money from selling and upgrading flight tickets.


He managed to embezzle Dhs162,155 and forged receipts to cover his embezzlement.


The airline’s management discovered the fraud and immediately questioned the defendant, who confessed to his actions.


He claimed that he took the money due to suffering from hard living conditions, and reached to an agreement with the company to pay the money back.


Nevertheless, the airline company decided to file a case against the defendant, who is now facing fraud and embezzlement charges.

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