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Asian arrested for molesting 13-year-old girl

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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

 A 47-year-old Asian man was jailed and referred to the criminal court for molesting a 13 year-old girl, inside a supermarket in Dubai.

The girl’s mother testified that she was accompanying her daughter inside a supermarket and the girl went out of her sight while looking for items. A moment later, the girl went back to her mother with a terrified face, claiming that the defendant had groped her body and was acting inappropriately.

The mother instantly picked up a verbal fight with the defendant and called the police, who immediately detained him.

The defendant confessed to his inappropriate, heinous act and is now facing sexual assault charges.

In a similar incident, the Dubai Public Prosecution referred a 32-year-old Asian driver to the criminal court for molesting a young boy.

The 14 year-old European boy testified that he was peacefully sitting inside his room and using his laptop, when the defendant entered the room to connect an electric cable for the AC as the boy’s parents requested.

The defendant left the room, and returned after a few minutes to grab the AC’s remote control and increase the temperature.

The boy noticed that the defendant was staring at him in a bizarre way, and all of a sudden, the defendant approached the boy’s bed, stood right by him then leaned down to grope the defenceless boy.

The scared boy screamed for his parents, and the defendant immediately ran to the door. Then he looked back at the boy and warned him to stay silent then left the room. Recently, a 33-year-old Asian blacksmith was arrested and referred to the criminal court for molesting an 8-year-old girl in a Dubai sharing house.

The little girl’s mother testified that on the day of the incident, she asked her hungry daughter to head to the main kitchen and grab some food, and noticed that the defendant went into the kitchen at the same time.

When the victim’s mother asked the defendant about the reason he went to the kitchen, he immediately apologised and seemed to be under the influence of alcohol.

The worried mother noticed that her daughter was nervous, and decided to ask if the defendant interacted with her by any means, but the scared girl claimed that he did not.

Half an hour later, the mother asked her daughter again, only to find out that the defendant had approached the girl and molested her. The girl said yes. She immediately informed her husband, who then reported the incident to the police.

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