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Man jailed for forcing 14-year-old boy into sexual relation with him in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

An Arab man, 29-year-old, was arrested and referred to criminal court for threatening and attempting to force a 14-year-old boy into a sexual relation with him.

The victim was present at a park with his younger brother, when he suddenly approached by the defendant.

The defendant asked the victim if he was smoking cigarettes, and asked about his age and school.

The scared boy confessed to smoking, and the defendant began to threaten to tell his family about his behaviour.

The defendant then offered to keep the boy’s secret only if he would agree to have a sexual affair with him. When the victim refused, the defendant repeatedly insisted on telling the boy’s parents about the smoking incident.


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The scared boy agreed and told his younger brother to return back home, then headed with the defendant to the security guard’s room.

The defendant told the security that he was the boy’s relative, and then spoke in Urdu so the victim wouldn’t understand.

While the boy sat in the room, the defendant ordered a taxi so they could leave the place.

The taxi dropped them to another park, and the defendant asked the victim to go wait at the park’s toilets where no one will see them.

The terrified victim tried to trick the defendant and convinced him into luring his young female cousin so the defendant would be involved with both of them.

The defendant fell for it and dropped the victim to his residence, but the boy managed to run away at the last moment.

The next day, the defendant waited for the victim after school and wanted to threaten him again, but fortunately, the victim’s mother interfered and immediately filed a police report against the defendant’s heinous act.

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