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Six Asians jailed for kidnapping woman, running prostitution racket in Dubai


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred five Asian men and a woman to criminal court, for kidnapping and a assaulting a 24-year-old woman in Dubai.

Official records indicate that the victim was kidnapped by three of the defendants from Ras Al Khor in Dubai, and was forced inside a taxi vehicle while she was heading pout of a supermarket in the Area.

The defendants surrounded the victim and restrained her mouth so she would not scream for help.

The victim stated that she had dropped her handbag and phone at the scene of the kidnapping.

Apparently, the victim was romantically involved with one of the defendants who aimed to force her back to the apartment where they used to live together.

A witness was luckily present when the incident took place, and had called authorities to report what he saw.

Police teams identified the victim through the ID that was in her bag, and identified the defendants through vehicle descriptions that were given by the witness.

Police revealed that the reason behind the kidnapping was that the victim had found that her lover, one of the defendants, was already married and with children, and decided to end their relationship.

Police also found out that the house where the victim was held was run for prostitution.

Accordingly, the defendants were jailed and charged with kidnapping, and running a prostitution ring.

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