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Dubai businessman robbed of Dhs642,000 by Arab man


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred an Arab man and an Asian runaway accomplice to criminal court, for stealing Dhs642,000 from a businessman in Dubai.

Details of the incident indicate that the two defendants had forged official Dubai court documents to trick the victim into believing that they could minimise his violation fees and close all cases open against him.

The Arab defendant claimed to be a relative of a security officer who could help in minimising the victim’s bank fines.

Accordingly, the victim trusted both of them with a huge amount of money in order to finish his late debts, and received receipts from the two defendants, which later were found to be fake.

The victim was later arrested for being late in payments, and police then found out about the forged receipts and the robbery.

Earlier, The Dubai Public Prosecution referred two unemployed Asian men to the criminal court for breaking into a supermarket in Dubai and stealing around Dhs4,000 and 40 packs of cigarettes.

Official records indicate that the defendants had another runaway accomplice who helped observe the area to make sure that the road was clear for the robbery.

The two defendants broke into the supermarket and directly headed for the cashier to steal the mentioned amount and cigarette packs.

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