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Dubai maid jailed for stealing gold worth over Dhs80,000

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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


An Asian maid, 40-years-old, was arrested and referred to criminal court for stealing money of different currencies and gold worth over Dhs80,000 from her employer.


Official records indicate that defendant took advantage of the family’s absence and broke into the bedroom’s safe to steal different currencies of Dhs1,160, SAR 800, QAR 100, five gold rings worth


Dhs31,000, two gold necklaces worth Dhs25,000, and two gold bracelets worth Dhs27,000.


The victim testified that he discovered the robbery once he returned to his house and found out that the defendant had ran away with the stolen goods.


The defendant confessed to her crime and claimed that she was in need of the money. She also confessed to having an accomplice who received the stolen items from her in order to sell them.

Accordingly, the defendant is now facing theft charges and will receive maximum punishment for her crime.

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