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Death penalty or up to Dhs1m fine; UAE issues warning for promoting drugs online


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The UAE Federal Public Prosecution has warned the public against publishing any information for the purposes of trafficking in or promoting narcotic drugs.


On its social media platforms, the Public Prosecution affirmed its ongoing efforts and keenness to support the fight against this scourge by heightening the awareness of the public on the risks of this crime.


"Eliminating this plague will not only protect our young people but will also enhance the sense of safety and stability of our community, the Public Prosecution said.


It emphasised that the UAE law, including the Federal Law no. 14 of 1995, and its amendments, has illegalised the possession of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for trafficking in, or promoting purposes, an offence which carries the death penalty.


It further noted that the Federal Decree-Law No. 5 of 2012 on Combating Cyber Crimes has addressed the crime of publishing information for trafficking in, or promoting narcotics via information technology means.


According to Article (36) of this Decree-Law, whoever establishes, manages or runs a website or publishes information on the computer network or any information technology means for trafficking in or promoting narcotics or psychotropic substances and the like or the manner for their use or facilitates such dealing in instances other than those permitted by the law shall be punished by temporary imprisonment and a fine not less than Dhs500,000 and not in excess of Dhs1 million or either of these two penalties.


Recently, during a remote press conference, the Abu Dhabi Police in cooperation with the National Rehabilitation Centre, NRC, and the Zayed Higher Organisation for the People for Determination, ZHO, launched the "Chance for Hope" service to ensure drug prevention and promote societal partnership to curb its spread.


The service, which also aims to launch drug awareness programmes, is one of the new digital services provided by the ADP, in coordination with concerned community organisations and individuals, to eliminate drug addiction.



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