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Health Ministry warns against fake ‘Air Doctor’


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Iman Abdullah Al Ali, Staff Reporter

There are fake copies of ‘Air Doctor’ product manufactured by ‘Pharma Solutions,’ circulating in the market, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection has warned in a circular.

The fake ‘Air Doctor’ lacks the identification information on the original product.

It also does not resemble the packaging of the original and or show the company’s logo and address or the symbol.

The original product, which is used to eliminate all viruses, microbes, germs, bacteria and fungi via chlorine dioxide is registered with the drug administration.

The Ministry has requested health facilities, and private health care practitioners to not to circulate fake ‘Air Doctor.’

It has also requested users who experience side effects to contact the ministry.

In June, the Ministry of Health withdrew a batch of Calcium Gluconate 10% Ampoule, which supplies the body with calcium, from both public and private health sectors due to quality problems.

The Ministry said that it had discovered a problem with the quality of batch No. 4402461 of the product and that it contained white deposits.

The product was also not registered with the drug administration.

Health care practitioners were ordered not to circulate the batch. All pharmacies were asked to stop providing the batch and return it to the supplier with immediate effect.

The Ministry also said in the event a product user experiences any side effects, they must report the matter immediately.

In April, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection withdrew a batch of the medical product “Dopamine HCL 200mg/5ml Ampoule” because it did not pass the product particle test. Dopamine is a drug which stimulates the heart and has effects on the blood vessels. In detail, the Ministry issued a circular to health-care practitioners in the private health sector on the recall of the product of Martindale pharmaceuticals, UK. The Ministry confirmed that the results of laboratory analysis demonstrated that the product No. 94758 did not pass the optical particle test.

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