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Dubai Police return lost items to tourists from UK, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to their countries

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Brigadier Yousef Al Adidi, director of Al Qusais Police Station.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Dubai Police have recently returned lost items to tourists from the UK, KSA and Kuwait, which they had lost during their Dubai visit.

According to Brigadier Yousef Al Adidi, director of Al Qusais Police Station, most items were left behind by tourists and handed in by some honest taxi drivers and individuals.

The British tourist

Brig. Al Adidi recalls a British tourist who forgot his wallet in a taxi as he was heading to Dubai International Airport towards the end of his Dubai visit. “The wallet contained a passport of one of his relatives, and 13 different credit and ID cards and some personal documents,” he said.


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Brig. Al Adidi pointed out that the taxi driver found the wallet and handed it over to the Al Qusais Police Station. “We tried reaching the wallet’s owner, but he had already flown home. We then contacted the tourist over the phone and sent him the wallet through a delivery services company,” Al Adidi confirmed.

After receiving the wallet, the British tourist sent an email to the Dubai Police expressing his sincere gratitude for their extraordinary efforts and their keenness to deliver the wallet to his home despite the distance, especially since the wallet and its contents are precious to him. “Posting the wallet may be a simple matter for some, but it means a lot to me since it contains very important cards, thank you very much,” the man said in his email.

The Kuwaiti tourist

In another incident, Brig. Al Adidi said they got in touch with a Kuwaiti tourist who had lost his backpack during his visit to Dubai.

“An honest individual handed the backpack which had a tablet and a smartphone to the police station,” “We were able to identify the owner and contacted him for further verification before we sent his possessions over to him,” Al Adidi added.

The Kuwaiti man was very pleased to receive his backpack at his doorstep.

The Saudi tourist

Dubai Police also reached out to a tourist from Saudi Arabia who misplaced his phone in a taxi on his way to the airport.

“Once the phone was handed over by the taxi driver, we started looking for information to identify the tourist, so we found a note attached to the phone with a telephone number with a KSA dialling code. We called the number, and luckily it was the owner who was extremely pleased to know that his phone is safe as it contains important data and personal photos,” Brig. Al Adidi said.

Brig. Al Adidi added that they arranged with the post service to send the phone to its owner in Saudi Arabia who expressed his gratitude to Dubai Police for their diligence in delivering his smartphone.

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