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African gang swindles Dhs232,000 from Arab lawyer in Dubai


The photo has been used for illsutrative purposes.

Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

A case involving an African gang who swindled Dhs232,000 from an Arab lawyer by forging government and other documents using modern technologies was heard in the Dubai Criminal Court on Tuesday.

The case dates back to October last year when the victim filed a complaint with the authorities that he had been swindled by a gang.

The gang hacked into his email and swindled over Dhs232,000 after forging official papers and documents related to some cases.

In the court the victim testified he travelled to another country and assigned his colleague to follow up the cases and communicate with him via his email. He, however, discovered after a few months that his email wsa hacked and decided to communicate with his colleague via another programme.

The gang communicated with the victim’s colleague and managed to forge documents related to cases for government entities.

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