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Asian threatens to defame ex-fiancee on social media in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

An Asian national, 31, threatened his former fiancée and her sister with posting photos and divulge matters of honour on WhatsApp and social media, using fake accounts.

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred the defendant to the Dubai Criminal Court, demanding that a stiffer penalty be imposed on him.

The case dated back to a report filed in January by the victim and her sister in which they said that they were insulted, libelled and defamed by the former fiancé on social media platforms.

The victim testified that she was engaged to the defendant in their home country, where the families of both the bride and the bridegroom habitually shared the marriage needs.


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The defendant, however, used always to evade his financial obligations until the engagement came to an end, she added, noting that ever since they were no longer engaged, the defendant started to post the engagement and other family photos on fake accounts and forward threatening and insulting messages repeatedly.

The defendant stated that he gave his former fiancée gold jewels worth Dhs90,000, bought her a new vehicle worth Dhs65,000 and undertook to bear all her expenses, which exceeded Dhs1 million. He, however, discovered that his former fiancée deceived him all the time and tended to exploit him and steal money from him, he added.

The defendant admitted that he created a fake account in the name of his former fiancée on Instagram and Facebook to take revenge on her for what she did. Accordingly, he posted their engagement photos and other photos of her family members, insulted her and threatened her. He also demanded that she return the gold and the money he had spent during their engagement, he said, adding that when she rejected, he threatened her and dishonoured her before her husband.

In another development, the Dubai Criminal Court heard the first session of a case involving an Arab national, 30, charged with assaulting policemen and abusing drugs.

As per case details, in February a Dubai Police patrol suspected a man sitting in a vehicle parked by the side of the street.

In court a lieutenant testified the defendant refused to get out of his vehicle and show his documents when ordered. Not only that, he also insulted the lieutenant and attempted to run away from the patrol.

He further abused patrol team members physically and verbally but was later brought under control and taken to the police station.

The forensic test has revealed the defendant had abused psychotropic substances.

The court ordered that he remain in custody pending further investigations.

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