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UAE launches 32 projects in Red Sea Coast to provide drinking water to 600,000 Yemenis


A view of the UAE's drinking water project in Red Sea Coast area. WAM

Over a three-year period, the UAE, represented by the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, launched 32 projects to provide drinking water in the governorates of Yemen’s Red Sea Coast, benefitting some 600,000 people.

The projects are part of a series of humanitarian projects implemented by the UAE to help the Yemeni people related to food aid, shelter, social services and sustainable development.

uae-yemen-water2-750x450ERC officials and local Yemenis during the inauguration of the new water well. WAM

The ERC adopted a comprehensive humanitarian plan prioritising drinking water projects to ensure the stability of the Yemeni people, provide them with decent lives, and prevent them from travelling far to search for drinking water.

The ERC aims to restore, maintain and build strategic central water projects in many populated areas, which were welcomed by local residents.

The projects include the "UAE Water Aid Project," which involves the restoration and digging of 23 drinking water wells in remote villages.

uae-yemen-water-750x45A general view of the water tank in Red Sea area. WAM

The ERC’s efforts are not limited to digging and restoring well, they also supplied the wells with electricity to pump water and provide them with solar energy systems.

Abdulrahman Al Yusufy, Director of Relief Administration at the ERC in the Red Sea Coast, stated that the ERC has prioritised local water projects, due to their importance to people’s lives.

Representatives of local authorities, key figures and local residents thanked the UAE for supporting Yemen’s stability and development.

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