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Man booked for making murder bid in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution booked an Asian man, 22 years old, for the attempted murder of his friend using a metal rod, causing a permanent disability to the victim.

Official records pointed out that the incident took place around 12am, when the victim was suddenly hit on the head by a heavy object. He was surprised to see the defendant standing near the bed, holding a metal rod in his hand.

The victim screamed asking of what the defendant is doing, but was struck repeatedly by the rod on the head until he fell unconscious.

The residence’s security guard testified that he heard a distressed voice coming from the victim’s apartment. He asked the victim’s friends to help him break into the apartment.

When they couldn’t break the door, they headed to the apartment’s window to suddenly witness the defendant jumping out of it, throwing the metal rod on the floor and fleeing the scene.

The witnesses found the victim on the floor drowning in blood, and immediately called the police.

Police teams and an ambulance arrived to the scene, and the victim was transferred to the nearest hospital to receive medical treatment.

During investigation, the defendant testified that the victim has been mistreating him for some time, and claimed that on the day of the incident, the victim verbally assaulted him.

He claimed that his rage towards the victim did not make him sleep at night, and was driven by revenge to initiate an attack on the victim.

Accordingly, the defendant is now charged with attempted murder and is facing harsh punishment.

ASSAULT: The Dubai Public Prosecution referred a 40-year-old Asian to criminal court, for sexually assaulting a woman in one of Dubai’ shopping mall.

Official records indicate that the victim reported the incident to the mall’s police office, stating that the defendant molested her while she was in one of the shops, as he called her to the fitting room to find him acting inappropriately in an attempt to seduce her.

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