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Asian arrested for molesting woman at a mall in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred a 40 years-old Asian to criminal court, for sexually assaulting a woman in one of Dubai’ shopping mall.

Official records indicate that the victim reported the incident to the mall’s police office, stating that the defendant molested her while she was in one of the shops, as he called her to the fitting room. He then acted inappropriately in an attempt to seduce her.


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The victim testified that while she was at one of the shops with a friend when she asked the defendant whether he was an employee.

The defendant grabbed a pair of pants and headed to the fitting room, then called for the victim and began to seduce her.

He grabbed her hands and forced her to touch his body then tried to lift her shirt up until the victim furiously screamed and fled away.

The defendant confessed to his actions, and accordingly was detained and is facing sexual assault charges.

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