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Two Arabs brutally beat man, rob him of Dhs73,000


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred two Arabs, 29, and 31 years-old, to criminal court for physically assaulting a man and stealing over Dhs73,000 from him.

Official records indicate that the 32 years-old victim was parking his vehicle at his residential building, when the two defendants caught him by surprise.

One of the defendants confronted the victim that he has been looking for him and visited the company he works at for numerous times to collect an amount of Dhs52,000 for his work commission, but hadn’t found him anywhere.

The victim defended himself back and claimed to have written a cheque against the amount and had already given it to the defendant, but the defendant furiously demanded to receive the money in cash at once.

The victim calmed the defendant saying that he will provide the money immediately and asked for his cheque bank in return, but the defendant claimed not to have it with him.


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However, the victim called his company’s accountant and asked him to come immediately with the cash receipt, and suddenly was surprised by the defendants’ attack. The two of them pushed him hard and dragged him between the parked vehicles to hide from surveillance cameras, then robbed him of his money and phone.

A witness pointed out that he was heading to his car when he saw the two defendants brutally beating and kicking the victim, and seen them take something out of the victim’s pockets, and believed it was money.

The company’s accountant also revealed during investigations that one of the defendants had visited the company and received Dhs75,000, and the amount was recorded.

He mentioned that after half an hour from the defendant’s visit, he received a call from the victim asking for his immediate presence and to bring the cash receipt, then suddenly heard the victim’s screams. He rushed to the victim’s residence and sae the defendants heading to the vehicle. He stopped them and asked what happened but got no reply from any of them.

Accordingly, both defendants are now detained and facing aggravated assault and theft charges.

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