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NOC no longer required for obtaining driving licence in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that all residents in the emirate are allowed to open a file to obtain a licence to drive vehicles or motorcycles without the need for employer’s no-objection certificate. The RTA issued a circular to this effect and distributed it among Dubai-based driving schools.

The schools started receiving applications from residents according to the new procedures stipulated in the circular, allowing all those with valid residency to get a driving licence without taking their jobs into consideration. This allowed employees of several categories to apply for a driver’s licence for vehicles or motorcycles to enhance their employment opportunities in the country.

According to the new procedures, residents working in about 60 professions are allowed to open a file for getting a driving licence without obtaining prior approval of their employers. The list included a number of professions such as typist, draftsman, calligrapher, clerk, newspaper distributor, cook, cashier, storekeeper, seller, welder, operator, painter, plumber, blacksmith, servant, tailor, hairdresser and barber.

An official at the Emirates Driving Institute in Dubai described the decision as a very positive step because it would make it easy for all interested people to obtain a driving licence. This would also enable all groups, particularly those banned previously from obtaining a driving licence and those who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision would increase their opportunities to be re-employed due to the higher demand for delivery services and online shopping.

As per the current decision, the documents required to open a file include a copy of passport pages, a valid residence visa, original ID card and a copy as well as an eye test and two photos.

Dubai-based driving schools, which were closed as a precaution on March 26 due to the pandemic, reopened on April 30.

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