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Asian gets eight years’ jail for exploiting a minor


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court on Monday sentenced an Asian businessman, 36, to 8 years in jail to be followed by deportation on charges of exploiting a minor, 16, with the help of a woman, who is still at large, and forcing her to work as a prostitute.

The victim testified that she came to the UAE to work and help her family in her home country. Her aunt asked a person to receive her at the airport, she said, adding that later she lived with her aunt for five months before the latter requested her to work in massage centres and do sex work in return for an extra Dhs50 over her salary, she added.

The victim worked for seven days but could not continue. Her aunt, however, told her that she must continue; otherwise, she would have her deported to her home country. In the meantime, the victim met the defendant but her aunt broke her mobile phone to prevent her from calling him. The defendant bought another mobile for her and asked her to meet him one day.

The defendant took the victim to a nightclub where he gave her a soft drink mixed with an alcoholic drink. As soon as she lost focus, he took her to an apartment where he had sex with her. After she woke up, she found out what the defendant did to her. The defendant then took her to a massage centre to do again what she used to do before but she refused. He returned her to her aunt and she told her what happened.

FORGERY CASE: The Criminal Court of Dubai on Monday sentenced a public employee, African, 41, to six months in jail on the charge of falsifying five “Cease of Search” certificates in complicity with other two, one of them his colleague, but in a different department.

The major suspect’s colleague stated that the first asked him to help him issue “Cease of Search” certificates for some persons, including the second suspect, against a sum of money. He initially rejected, but after several attempts from the major accused, he agreed to issue the certificates in return for Dhs15,000. He printed the certificates on official papers belonging to a government department with false data that do not belong to those persons. He also forged signatures belonging to officials who are responsible for issuing those certificates. He handed over the certificates to the first accused and received Dhs15,000 from him.

The first defendant confessed that he received Dhs25,000 from the second defendant against the certificates. He gave Dhs15,000 to his colleague and kept the rest for himself, the Court heard.

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