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VIDEO: In Dubai, get mangoes delivered at your doorsteps in Lamborghini


A family gets their mangoes delivered by a Lamborghini in Dubai.

Jamil khan, Senior Reporter

As the summer started in Dubai, the residents are enjoying the sizzling season with a wide range of delicious mangoes from Pakistan also known as “King of fruits.”

And to add to the royal feeling, the lucky residents got their special delivery of their orders from luxury sports car Lamborghini.

Yes, that right, Lamborghini.

Pakistan Super Market in Dubai has taken this extraordinary initiative to deliver mangoes through Lamborghini on every Thursday.

The supercar is worth over Dhs1.2 million.

"We have a huge number of clients from different communities including, Pakistanis based in Dubai to enjoy the number of ‘Desi’ products supplied daily through air-cargo.

Mango-Lamborghini-4 A child sits on the bonnet of the Lamborghini.

“Throughout the summer, our mango varieties including ‘langra’, ‘Sindhiri’, ‘Anwar Rattole’, ‘Chaunsa’ and others are being sold.

“This year we introduced the special delivery through Lamborghini on every Thursdays,” said Jhanzeb Yaseen, Managing Director Pakistan Super Market Dubai while talking to the Gulf Today on Wednesday.

He mentioned that the first Thursday was a huge success as they are now receiving huge number of orders for coming Thursdays.

"We have been booked for next Thursday as many mango lovers are coming to Dubai to stay with their relatives or friends and to get their mangoes delivered by Lamborghini,” he said.

Mango-Lamborghini-3 A man shows karate of mangoes in front of the Lamborghini.

The UAE has a huge demand of Pakistani mangoes as a number of fresh fruit importers based in Al Aweer Fruits and Vegetable Markets are exclusive supply chains with various Pakistani wholesale markets.

"We have our exclusive arrangements for the last many years with various Pakistani producers all over the country and to maintain the huge demand in the UAE we are delighted to ensure our clients that they will have smooth supply of their favourite varieties of mangoes till the end of summer,” he said.

This time due to the COVID-19 pandemi, most of passenger flights are suspended but the cargo delivered on the seats of the passenger instead of cargo haul of aircrafts. "This give me idea that if ‘king of fruits’ is coming on passengers’s seats as a special treatment then why not deliver to clients by Lamborghini on their doorsteps,” said Jhanzeb to responding a question.

Mango-Lamborghini-2 A child poses for a photograph next to the Lamborghini.

It is also mentioned that the besides many varieties of mangoes being produced in different regions of Pakistan, the varieties like ‘langra’, ‘Sindhiri’, ‘Anwar Rattole’ and ‘Chaunsa’ are more popular among the UAE residents as the sweetness, aroma and colour of the ripe fruits have no match.

The retail price of different varieties of mangoes in the local supermarkets ranges from Dhs8 to Dhs15 per kg. The crate of 5-7kg mangoes in wholesale markets available at Dhs20 to Dhs35 at the Dubai’s Al Aweer Fruits and Vegetable Markets.

The Pakistan Supermarket Dubai Karama branch delivers mangoes free by Lamborghini to those who have over Dhs100 of order while regular delivery through van available throughout the week with Dhs10 per order, said the owner.

Jhanzeb told that the delivery through Lamborghini is unique experience especially for kids as they were waiting at their doorsteps to witness by themselves with great excitement.

"I love kids and the happiness on their faces to get their delivery of mangoes by Lamborghini. The happiness on their faces its worth the initiative,” he said.

He mentioned that that the operation will not expand to Sharjah or other Emirates as of now they are covering only Dubai.

"We have many clients based in Sharjah but we can not take the supercar because of traffic congestion and other related issues,” he mentioned.

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