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Asians break into supermarket, run away with Dhs200


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution have referred 14 Asians to the Criminal Court in two cases of stealing money from supermarkets and groceries.

In the first incident, the Prosecution charged seven Asians with stealing Dhs200 from a supermarket.

The supermarket’s owner stated that he received a call from the store’s employee informing him that he had found the outer iron door’s lock broken and that the shop’s glass had been broken too.

The store’s employee also found out Dhs200 had been stolen from the safe and that the surveillance cameras were destroyed, owner of the supermarket added.


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The investigation and search team of the Dubai Police found, following an examination of the scene, that the individuals who committed the robbery could be also the same ones who committed other similar crimes in the same way every time. 

The team continued their search and investigations and finally found the burglars and arrested them. The accused confessed to committing the robberies of a number of shops. Accordingly, they were taken to the crime scene, where they reenacted how they committed the theft.

In the other incident, an Asian salesman working in a grocery store discovered that the shop was robbed at nearly 4am, when he returned to the store to fetch his wallet, which he forgot there. He reportedly left the store after midnight, and after a few hours he remembered that he left his wallet in the store, so he went back to bring it.

He found that the external door was broken and that the iron safe was stolen, in addition to the petty cash in the store. He immediately called the police and reported the robbery.

On reviewing footage of the surveillance cameras, masked persons were found entering the store and robbing it.

The police swung into action and intensified the search and finally succeeded in  arresting seven suspects. They were found involved in 25 reports in the Emirate of Dubai and 16 others outside it. They confessed to the charges during the interrogation.

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