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Dubai reopens water sports activities with guidelines


A general view of the Dubai Sports Council’s swimming arena. File

Based on the directives of Dubai's Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management, Dubai Sports Council has announced the reopening of swimming pools and water sports activities in the Dubai.

Dubai Sports Council has issued a detailed list of conditions, developed in cooperation with relevant authorities, that need to be met by aquatic centres, academies, and swimming pools to resume operations.

The reopening mandate, however, is limited only to hotel establishments, health clubs/gym facilities, recreation clubs, and residential and commercial facilities. Social gatherings, parties and events are still barred and excluded from the resumption order, along with massage services, spa, sauna, jacuzzi and pool bars.

All swimming academies and aquatic sports centres who have a license in the field of aquatic sports and want to resume their activities, must obtain the approval of Dubai Sports Council by registering through the link:


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Prior to reopening, all swimming pools in the permitted category will have to undergo deep cleaning to minimise the risk of water-borne diseases and the facilities will also need to get a water quality test done.

On reopening, the facilities will have to make sure they maintain the hygiene and sanitization requirements as per Dubai Municipality guidelines, which includes maintaining a regular cleaning regime, water testing, and maintaining the chlorine concentration.

They are also required to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and common areas at least once every hour, and shared objects each time they are used (handrails, lounge chairs, tabletops, pool noodles, kickboards, pool side showers, etc.). The facilities will also have to make sure visitors and pool users maintain safe and desirable etiquette before and during swimming, which means no spitting in the pool, washing their hands more often, covering their sneeze and coughs, and showering - in the side pool showers only - before and after using the swimming pool.

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