UAE reports record 1,277 recoveries, reveals 603 new coronavirus cases - GulfToday

UAE reports record 1,277 recoveries, reveals 603 new coronavirus cases


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE Health Ministry carried out more than 47,000 new COVID-19 tests, and revealed 603 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of cases 40,507 in the country.

The Ministry announced the death of one person from COVID-19 disease, bringing the total deaths in the country to 284.

The number of cured cases in the country increased from to 24,017, after 1,277 new recoveries were recorded.

The total number of cases of COVID-19, which is still receiving treatment in the country, is 16,206.


Dr Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi, the official spokesperson for the UAE Government said, “Some of the positive indicators that we monitor within the daily cases of virus in the country do not necessarily mean the end of the pandemic, or the beginning of the decline stage, and it certainly does not mean a return to fully practicing our normal life.

Dr Amna said, “Positive indicators within the daily cases of COVID-19 disease may reflect the positive results of some precautions in the country and the efficiency of our health system.”

Dr Amna said, “It is difficult in the current stage to set any expectations or results for the future of COVID-19 in the country, and we need a longer period of time for monitoring and analysis.”

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