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Group provides over 3,000 meals to needy in Ramadan


The MicroSafe Group provides 3,000 meals to labourers during Ramadan.

 Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

As the holy month of Ramdan is getting to a close, the spreading of joy among the deserving segments of the society is getting a boost from individuals and corporate sectors.

As part of the Ramadan initiative to support the needy in the society, the MicroSafe Group is providing 3,000 meals to labourers during Ramadan, as the company participates in its charitable and humanitarian role by distributing meals to the less fortunate amongst us, to give appreciation for their efforts during this uncertain time.

While the current COVID-19 pandemic is by far the biggest infection event in living memory, the MicroSafe Group has been at the forefront and actively fighting major outbreaks and pandemics globally for almost 20 years.

The MicroSafe Group takes initiative to support the needy in the society during Ramadan.

As the result of a biotech breakthrough, the MicroSafe Group has managed to pioneer the next level of infection control, with the most advanced disinfectant in the world, and all the while being the leader in a new class of global wound care and dermatology. This passion for wound healing and infection control has forever changed and enhanced the life and health of millions globally.

However, Dar Al Ber Society announced that 1,051 orphans were registered by the society during the first quarter of the current year 2020, in the UAE and 25 countries around the world, bringing the total number of people covered under the umbrella of the Society’s sponsorship and care, to 35,036 orphans, 344 families and 49 people of determination.

Abdul Karim Jaafar Al-Hassan, Director of the Department of Sponsorship of Orphans and Families in Dar Al Ber said: “The Society takes care and sponsors orphans in a comprehensive manner, financially, socially, educationally and psychologically, and works to provide all their needs and support them morally, in cooperation and coordination with its strategic partners in the 25 countries, which are located in the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. However, Dar Al Ber sponsors orphans inside the Emirates directly.”

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