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Webinar highlights fundamentals of learning

a large number of students in the UAE have been spending five hours daily on social media using their smart phones

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Imran Mojib, Special Correspondent

A series of six interactive live webinars aimed at enlightening educators on the fundamentals of learning during and post the pandemic set off on Tuesday. The webinars series, titled The New Normal, will be conducted weekly for education professionals and principals across the Middle East.

  First of the six-webinars held on Tuesday was focussed on “Education 2020 and The New Normal.” It featured experts including Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Chair and Director General of KHDA, Dubai; Kate Ancketill, CEO - GDR Creative Intelligence, UK; Rachel Brodie, Global Portfolio, Director, BETT, UK. The session explored how Covid-19 has impacted education in the Middle East and globally. What is The New Normal? How will what we are doing now impact education delivery in the future?

  The free interactive webinars are offered covering topics including education in 2020, more than school, assessment in testing times and transitions’, experience-based learning, parenting, online and offline training in the new normal. Educators of all types will find useful tips and resources to help bring technology in their learning and take training to the next level.

  Emma Whale, Vice President - Schools, Pearson Middle East, commented, “The transition from in-person to online learning isn’t easy and having access to the right tools and information will help ease the stress of distance learning during this unprecedented time. Our aim is to inspire educators to help equip students with the knowledge and the skills they need to make progress in their lives through learning.”

  The ‘New Normal’ webinar series supports educators on their journey of discovery and learning, providing them with insights that will share the learning opportunities they provide for their students.

  Dr Abdulla Al Karam, one of the panellists of the first webinar, said, “We have never had such an opportunity to transform education as we do now. The physical closure of schools and universities has revealed their ultimate strengths: to bring people together and enable them to have the friendships that will help them thrive at school, at work and in life.”

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