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Arab child falls to death from Dubai highrise


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

A young Arab child died after he fell off a balcony in the Warsan area of Dubai.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the child was playing football with his brother in the balcony. 

It is believed that the ball fell off the balcony and the curious child went after it that led to the fall.

The apartment is located on the fourth floor of a highrise.

The child was believed to be in the 12th grade.

The authorities are investigating the circumstances around the fall.

Parents have been urged to remain vigilant about the whereabouts of their children and should not allow them in places where such scenarios could arise. 

In March, a six-year-old autistic boy fell to his death from his 11th floor apartment in Abu Shagarah area of Sharjah.

The boy was identified as Yousuf T., a Somali-national.

The family stated that the boy somehow managed to climb a chair and get close to the window.

While looking down the boy lost his balance and fell off the building and died on spot.

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