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Counterfeit goods seized in raids across Dubai


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Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

The multinational consumer electronics and commercial electronics in cooperation with officials from the Department of Economic Crimes from Dubai Police conducted a major raid to combat trade of counterfeit products. During the series of raids, the officials seized around 6,500 of straight counterfeit Casio watches in different models and 11,500 pieces of 3D Infringing Casio Watches.

According to the details, the Anti-Counterfeit Group of Casio Computer Co., Ltd, a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and commercial electronics, teamed up with the Dubai Police to combat trade in counterfeit products and protect consumer rights. A series of raids conducted across Dubai recently, as part of a bid to clamp down on commercial fraud in the country, saw seizure and confiscation of thousands of fake and infringing Casio products, including 3D Infringing Casio Watches.

After receiving tip-offs from the market about dealers suspected to be trading in counterfeits, Casio conducted an in-depth investigations against the counterfeiter. It was then raided by the Dubai Police and the counterfeit and infringing watches were seized.

The Enforcement Authorities are continuing their efforts with collective expertise to secure the consumer rights and revenues of manufacturers by cracking down on the criminals that prosper from the black market. Eliminating the trade of imitation brands in industrial tools and products requires further cooperation from the purchasers and end-users, coupled with smarter strategies by the manufacturers and distributors to tackle the criminals who are involved in this.

Satoshi Yamazaki, General Manager of the Legal Department of Casio said: “We applaud the strong support extended by various Government bodies in the region, and especially the Dubai Police for this major successful raid. It sends a clear message that Casio and the Enforcement Authorities will not tolerate counterfeits or cheap imitations which not only damage our brand reputation but also make consumers victims of fraud and illicit dealings.”

He added, “We are extremely grateful to the officials at the Department of Economic Crimes from Dubai Police for being so cooperative and without whom these successful raid actions would never have been possible. We are going to continue the fight against counterfeits to help protect the consumer and our brands in the UAE.”

In UAE, the import and distribution of counterfeit products are illegal with serious penalties for those found guilty. Whoever involves in counterfeiting products and trading them will be subject to stringent legal procedures and penal actions.

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