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Dar Al Ber Society comes to help of needy people


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Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

To help labourers in UAE overcome the effect of Covid-19 outbreak, Dar Al Ber Society has distributed over 130,000 meals to them at various labour camps around the UAE.

Dar Al Ber Society had formed a task force to identify the labourers who are facing food shortage due to the coronavirus outbreak.

After identifying the needy labourers, Dar Al Ber Society has been delivering meal packets for breakfast, lunch & dinner to the labourers. The labourers are receiving vegetarian or non-vegetarian based on their requirement.

To comply with the guidelines of UAE government, Dar Al Ber Society is ensuring the highest level of cleanliness while preparing and delivering the meal packets to the labourers.

To achieve this, Dar Al Ber Society has instructed all the camp supervisor to not let people gather to collect meal packets, instead, the camp supervisor delivers the meal packets to the rooms of the labourers.

“Providing food to the needy is one of the main focus of Dar Al Ber Society’s humanitarian activities. So, we decided to help labourer affected by the present circumstances” said, Dr Hisham Al Zahrani, Deputy Director, Social Sector, Dar Al Ber Society.

“We would like to thank Dar Al Ber Society for providing us with breakfast, lunch and dinner at our doorsteps. Now we get food inside our rooms without going out of our camp. This is a big relief for all of us at this time,” said, Jayaram, supervisor at a labour camp at Sonapur.

Dar Al Ber Society has been distributing hygiene kits consisting of sanitisers, masks, soaps, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.  Dar Al Ber Society has already distributed over 15,000 sanitisers, soaps, etc.

There is no one in the world who can say that their lives have not been affected by COVID-19. Unfortunately, there are some who have been significantly affected more than others. A lot of residents who depend on their daily wages are struggling with even basic necessities, such as food. In light of this, Alabbar Enterprises have launched a CSR initiative, ‘Helping Hands’, to support the community and deliver wholesome charity meals for those in need.

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