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Circular issued to health facilities


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Iman Abdullah, Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection issued a circular to health facilities warning of batches of the medical device IMAGER II 5F Angiographic catheters, which are used for vascular catheters, because of the possibility of separation of the catheter tip during the surgical procedures, which may result in the necessity to perform another surgery, to remove the catheter tip from the blood vessels. It may also lead to the patient’s staying in the hospital for a longer period.

The ministry recommended withdrawing the batch from the market and the affected batches be returned to the manufacturer, bearing in mind that the product is not registered with the Ministry.

In another circular, the ministry warned that ESBRIET drug (Pirfenidone), used to treat pulmonary fibrosis, would be used as a result of recent reports of dangerous side effects in the liver, including death in IPF patients who use the drug “parphenidone”.

The ministry explained the product is registered with the drug administration in the ministry, and reported dangerous side effects in the liver during the first months of treatment, and therefore the level of liver enzymes must be checked before starting treatment, and then at monthly intervals and for the first 6 months, then after every 3 months.

The ministry stressed the need to perform liver function tests immediately in patients who have symptoms indicating to liver infection, including fatigue, loss of appetite, discomfort in the right upper abdomen, urine obstruction and jaundice.

Earlier, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced that it has expanded the scope of its “Dawa’ee” medicine home delivery service to now cover the entire UAE.

The ‘Dawa’ee’ service aims to deliver medication to the homes of elders and people of determination who have a valid ENAYA or SAADA health insurance programme.

The DHA expanded this service to ensure that those who are most at risk for the coronavirus (COVID-19) and should avoid leaving their houses, are safe and healthy at home.

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