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Dubai launches Arab currency trading platform


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The first secured crypto currency platform was launched in Dubai, by the Arab-based company Burency. The launch came as a pilot phase aimed at global general trading of digital currency.

The newly established platform was the first secured Arab-based company in the region to trade crypto currency, as well as face challenges of security and liquidity.

Mohammed Abdul Salam, Founder and CEO of the platform, said that the pilot general trading came after 6 months of trading operations through the digital platform, and launching will soon be with the number of 90 digital currencies.

“Based on the ongoing plans, the number is expected to gradually increase during the next period of time,” Abdul Salam said.

The General trading platform provides a secure environment for both the seller and buyer in today’s advanced supply and demand market. The platform’s technical support system works round the clock and includes adjustable mechanisms to be used when necessary.

“Several business deals will soon be made to initiate the general trading phase, soon after we trade our digital currencies with Buy Tokens,” he added.

The platform runs on both English and Arabic language, as well as include several other languages to provide maximum, round-the-clock support to customers ad investors.

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