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COVID-19: More scholarships, fee reduction for students


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Imran Mojib, Special Correspondent

Bukhatir Education Advancement and Management International (BEAM), which operates the International School of Creative Science (ISCS) and American School of Creative Science (ASCS) schools in Dubai and Sharjah, has reached out to parents with a series of financial relief measures to support them during the current crisis.

Tuition fees for Term 3 will be discounted by 20% across all grade and year groups with the rebate automatically processed as a credit towards the 2020/21 Term 1 tuition costs.

In addition, there will be a full reimbursement of all fees related to transportation, examination and extra-curricular activities

Further, for Dubai campuses, there will be a sharp reduction in renewal fees to a fixed fee of Dhs500 per student for a limited period. The schools will also allow parents to settle all bills with credit cards to help them benefit from UAE banks that are offering zero-cost, easy monthly payment plans on education transactions.

The Ras Al Khaimah Academy (RAKA) is also offering a 20% discount on third-term fees to support them while their children study from home, as part of the precautionary measures taken to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Additionally, RAKA revealed it will be refunding all non-academic third-term fees, such as transportation and canteen charges. Parents can choose to defer the discount and the refund of the non-academic fees to Term 1 2020.

Ajman University (AU) has also approved scholarships up to 40% on tuition fees in the first term for British, Indian and Pakistani high school graduates. Up to 50% scholarships have been granted to AU graduates, their wives and husbands in graduate programmes, spanning professional diploma, Master’s and PhD programmes.

Scholarships up to 10% have been approved for the children of AU graduates, their wives, and husbands in undergraduate programmes. Scholarships up to 20% have been approved for AU relatives, including their fathers, mothers, and siblings.

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