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Dubai Police seize huge stock of fake medical supplies


The fake facemasks seized by Dubai Police on display for media.

Somaiya Saad, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Police and Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai busted a commercial scam involving supplies of fake medical equipment in the country.

They seized more than two million medical masks of unknown origin, tens of thousands of fake labels, packages and covers for several brands and thousands of thermometers.


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In this context, Ibrahim Bahzad, Director of Intellectual Property Protection at DED-Dubai, said that the joint operation between the Dubai Police and the DED involved monitoring suppliers of masks for commercial use in Dubai. They discovered a secret warehouse in a residential villa in the Al-Warqa district of Dubai at 7:30pm on Tuesday.

The security teams raided the den and arrested all gang members, after taking the necessary legal measures, Bahzad confirmed.

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