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Dubai husband with two wives asks for permit to move between their houses

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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A senior Dubai Police official was on local radio answering queries from the public when he received a bizarre question from a man, asking whether he needed a permit to move between the houses of his two wives during the 24-hour sterilisation programme in Dubai.

The husband’s question was one of the many odd and funny questions asked by the public.

The husband said, “I’m married to two women; should I get a permit to move between their houses?”

Brig. Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of the Dubai Police’s Traffic and Patrols Department, laughed at the request and said that not issuing a permit would be an excuse not to see his other wife if he had no desire of being with her.

Al Mazroui revealed that the permit could be issued only once to those who want to leave their homes for necessary matters. The permit is aimed at the safety and protection of people from the spread of COVID-19.


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He pointed out that the sterlisation process could now be done in one day instead of a full week, which would help speed up the return to normal life.

Moreover, the public also asked other peculiar questions such as when the coronavirus would end, and whether a permit was required to take their pets for a walk.

Dubai Police stated on their Twitter account that people were not allowed to leave their homes except to buy essential commodities or work-related purposes during the sterlisation programme.

People were also advised to buy their essentials in bulk using the issued permit or receipts in order to avoid being fined.

Dubai Police added that those who get the permit to go shopping by foot or cycle must wear gloves, masks and keep a safe distance from others.

“Only one member from each family should go to collect essential items, and children must stay at home,” police added.

The permit is available via the website (, which has been updated and now features a FAQs section.

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