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People tackle COVID-19 with positivity


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Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

It is not all gloom and doom in this global war against an almost invisible virus.

Take the case of Mary Ann dela Cruz-Mendoza from the capital who is the Gems Winchester School (Abu Dhabi)-Mathematics Department head and since a fortnight back, has been conducting before a total of 93 students three separate classes (28 boys/29 boys/36 girls) of 80 minutes each, using her laptop, her iPhone, and the Microsoft Teams five days a week.

Coronavirus 19 introduced her to the existence of the Microsoft Teams students’ digital notebook which she could now navigate carefully and expertly while utilizing her iPhone for their grades.

“I am still learning home-schooling. It is fun especially if the cameras (were) on. I can see the smiles of my students and colleagues!”

The first-time grandmother was grateful that the UAE permits video conference. She and her family in the Philippines never miss a day for the virtual communication.

“My eldest daughter Dexanne gave birth last Friday. I already have pictures of my granddaughter.”

For now, laptop and the Internet “are enough for me to live by.”

These have not caused her to be secluded from the world as she also have more “me time” nowadays inside her own abode busy with de-cluttering, yoga, learning new recipes and baking during her two days off.

Dubai-based executive coach Banan Bakkar said COVID19 and any stressful situation have their own opportunities which she urged everyone to look into.

“Set your personal objectives. Remember the things you really wanted to do or learn about. Create a positive environment too. Move furniture, make a corner for work-out, meditation and healthy snacks.”

Mindfulness Dubai (de-stressing/positive outlook classes) founder Emma Carbery encouraged everyone to look at the benefits no matter how the disease impacts differently on each person.

“For those who are in a more stable situation and given more free time, enjoy every moment. Slow down and (double check) the most important. Is it watching TV or your family?”

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