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‘It’s time to reflect on social responsibility’


Masks made by Sharjah homemaker Cynthia Fernandes.

Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

A Dubai-based certified executive coach said the Coronavirus 2019 global crisis is the time to reflect on social responsibility which should start from one’s self.

A 2019 article on social responsibility written by Akhilesh Gant explained that this is about “businesses, in addition to maximizing shareholders value, (acting) in a manner that benefits society. It means that individuals and companies have a duty to act in the best interests of their environment.”

Meanwhile, when Gulf Today was interviewing Banan Bakkar on Tuesday, WhatsApp received was an undated and unsigned circular purportedly from the Community Development Authority-Dubai (CDADXB)-Regulatory and Licensing Sector-Licensing Department complete with email addresses and landlines: “From tomorrow onwards

there are new communication regulations. All calls are recorded. All phone call recordings saved. WhatsApp is monitored. Facebook is monitored. All social media and forums are monitored. All UAE social media and forums are monitored.”

CDA-accredited Filipino Social Club president Ericson Reyes said: “We just got a direct confirmation from CDA chief executive officer Dr. Omar Al-Muthanna that that is not true. Please help stop the circulation.”

The CDA official statement at 3 p.m. “(called) on the public to be cautious and not to publish or exchange unreliable information and refer to responsible sources for obtaining the correct information to avoid accountability and (violation of) applicable legislation.”

Bakkar said the pandemic “has given each one of us a huge social responsibility. It reminds us that each person’s behavior really matters and that it can affect everyone around.”

She mentioned of “critical responsibilites” as social responsibility also depends on one’s role in the society.

One case is Sharjah homemaker Cynthia Fernandes who, alongside her other quilting lady friends have been exchanging videos on how to sew face masks.

Fernandes has completed sets of two face masks complete with pouches out of stored fabrics and the Indian dupatta soft cotton/muslin cloth for her family. She has volunteered for those in need.

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