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Pakistanis in UAE celebrate Resolution Day sans fanfare


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Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

The Pakistani community residing in the UAE along with their counterparts all over the world celebrated the 80th Resolution Day (March 23) on Monday with national fervour but in a simple manner.

The community members in the country were used to attend two separate official ceremonies – at the Pakistan Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Consulate in Dubai – to celebrate their national day with much fervour and harmony but in the current situation after the pandemic of COVID-19, the ceremonies were called off. The Consulate has issued the messages from Pakistan President and Prime Minister released on the occasion.

In his message, Dr. Arif Alvi, President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, shared the importance of the historical event that happened 80 years ago in Lahore where tens of thousands of Muslims gathered and passed a resolution to create a separate country for Muslims in the sub-continent.  

“The Muslims of the subcontinent through their collective will expressed an unwavering resolve to carve out a separate homeland for themselves wherein they could lead their lives in accordance with their own religion, traditions, values and culture. Today, we pay homage to the Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Poet of the East Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal and all the other great leaders of the freedom movement who paved the way for the creation of Pakistan.

“My countrymen and women, these days the world is facing the severe outbreak of the coronavirus. Very rarely has a calamity such a worldwide impact as we are witnessing today. Nations have to go through difficult times but only with unity can they sail through. We Pakistanis also need to stand united to fight this pandemic. It is the responsibility of all segments of society, including Ulema, media and political leaders to play their due role in educating the masses about the preventive measures against the virus.”

On the current situation in Pakistan after the coronavirus pandemic he said, “Doctors and health workers are the first line of defence in this crisis and the nation salutes them for their unrelenting and selfless endeavour. We also laud our Law Enforcement Agencies for their untiring services. I pray to Allah Almighty to grant us the strength to overcome the challenges.

“Let us express our firm resolve to continue the legacy and heritage bequeathed to us by our founding fathers and by following in their footsteps to make our country a cradle of peace, progress and stability,” his message stated.

Pak Medical Centre

In another development, Dr Faisal Ikram, president, Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD), through a social media post announced the completion of the much-awaited Pakistan Medical Centre on the occasion of the Resolution Day.

He told Gulf Today that the project started in 2016 to complete the first-ever medical facility by the expatriate community residing in the UAE and the first of its kind all over the world. “The project, which aims to provide a number of healthcare facilities to the community residing in the UAE along with other communities, has been ready and will be operational once the overall situation settles,” he said.

The project was completed with the contribution of the community’s funds raised through a campaign ‘Own A Brick’ and generated Dhs18 million to complete the medical centre with various facilities including check-ins, laboratory, X-ray and others.

However, the Pakistan Social Centre Sharjah had arranged various events but cancelled it on the call of local authorities to maintain a healthy environment and control the spread of coronavirus.

In October last year, over 300 community members of Pakistani Diaspora attended the ‘Own A Brick’ evening at the Pakistan Association Dubai. The evening saw the performance of Anwar Maqsood, a prominent Pakistani playwright, and ambassador of the association. He became an ambassador two years ago and through his witty performances he motivated the community to ‘Own A Brick’ (each brick is worth Dhs1,000), become a lifetime member of the association (for 10 years) and help in the construction of the ‘world’s largest community centre for overseas Pakistanis’.

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