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VIDEO: Rain lashes several areas of the UAE


Cars move at a slow pace during heavy rain in Abu Dhabi on Friday.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Light and heavy rain lashed different areas of the UAE on Friday. Rain started around 7pm on Thursday on Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Twain and Dibba in Fujairah. On Friday evening, Abu Dhabi witnessed heavy rainfall.

Rain fell due to a surface air depression accompanied by a weak air depression in the upper atmosphere, which will gradually deepen to reach its peak at the end of Saturday and Sunday.

The National Meteorological Centre (NMC) appealed to individuals to exercise caution while driving and to be careful of low horizontal visibility.

The NMC expected the Saturday weather to be cloudy with different rains in various areas of the UAE, sometimes accompanied by lightning and thunder.

The NMC also expected southeasterly to northeasterly moderate winds to blow, which will be strong with cumulative clouds, causing dust, causing low horizontal visibility on the exposed areas.

Winds, according to the NMC are expected to blow at a speed ranging between 20 to 35 to 55 km/h.

The sea is expected to be turbulent to very turbulent, especially with cloud activity in the Arabian Gulf, and moderate to turbulent in the Sea of Oman.


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The NMC indicated Sunday weather will be partially cloudy in general, and sometimes rain will fall on separate areas, especially in the north and east. The centre expected humidity would go up during the night and on Monday morning in some of the interior areas.

Moderate to active and dust-stirring winds are expected to blow southeasterly to northeasterly. These will turn northwesterly in the evening and at night.

The sea, according to the NMC will be turbulent in the Arabian Gulf and moderate to turbulent in the Sea of Oman.

As for the Monday weather, the NMC expected it to be fairly cloudy, especially in the east, with possible light rains, in the morning.

Wind on Monday are expected to blow moderate-to-active northwest and active at times, stirring dust on open areas, with a speed ranging from 25 to 35 to 60 km/h.

The sea on Monday will be turbulent to the very turbulent in the Arabian Gulf.

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