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Doctors face imprisonment in botched surgery case


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

In regard to Rawdha Almaeeni’s case, a final verdict was issued on Wednesday, March 18, by the Dubai Courts, stating that doctors involved are charged with malpractice against the young Emirati woman, who was a victim of a botched nose surgery and negligence.

The young Emirati suffered a cardiac arrest on the operating table, her brain was deprived of oxygen for a full seven minutes, and later lapsed into a coma.

The botched surgery led to the victim’s loss of physical and mental abilities, including the loss of her sight and hearing.

Additionally, the issued ruling subjects doctors to one year of imprisonment, followed by deportation, and a temporary compensation of Dhs51,000.

The medical centre that carried out the procedure is also ordered to pay a Dhs300,000 fine.

“I consider that the court’s decision a victory and a testament to the judicial integrity in the United Arab Emirates,” said Isa Bin Haider, Founder and CEO of Bin Haider Advocates & Legal Consultants.

He added that his law firm will provide the necessary consultation and assistance to the victim’s family, and will remain in constant communication with them.

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