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3 get clean chit over detention of maids


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Appellate Court of acquitted three suspects of different nationalities of the charge of detaining five Asian maids who came to the UAE looking for jobs.

The suspects brought the victims from their home country but they failed to employ them, so they detained and assaulted them.

The court overturned the ruling of the Court of First Instance imprisoning the suspects for 6 months to be followed by deportation with a total moratorium of 3 years.

According to the victims, they came to the UAE on a visit visa after the first suspect promised them to find jobs as maids. After their arrival they took over work with several people on a probationary period, but the sponsorship was not transferred and they were fired without reason.

The victims said the suspects detained the girl who did not continue to work in the office at the workplace of the three suspects.

The first suspect provided the detainees with little food and drink and prevented them from leaving, according to the instructions of the second and third defendants.

During the period of detention, the third suspect assaulted and beat them, preventing them from going out.

The suspects' lawyer said that there was a contradiction between the victims ’statements and the incident was not proven.

The court clarified that the prosecution's evidence confirmed the accusation.


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