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Musanada implements internal road projects


Plan also includes a lighting project at a cost of Dhs16,400,000.

Mohammed Alaa, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi General Services Company (Musanada) has implemented a number of lighting, internal roads and infrastructure projects for basins number 12 and seven in Al Shawamekh area, at a cost of Dhs270,800,000, according to the highest international standards.

Projects included the construction of internal roads and infrastructure for residential plots on an area of about 2.2 million square metres, road works, pavements, and integrated infrastructure, rainwater drainage networks, drinking water, and sewage, as well as communication networks and road lighting.  They also included a lighting project with a cost of Dhs16,400,000.

Nearly 1769 traffic, guiding, and warning boards were installed along the road, in addition to providing the project with Led lighting devices, which will contribute to reducing energy consumption.

The projects serve 732 residential plots, 9 mosques, 3 schools, 13 parks, 12 government and commercial facilities, as they provide integrated infrastructure services for residents of the entire region, in addition to various services that include pedestrian paths along the entire region.

The projects also included an internal road network with a length of 37 kilometres, the extension of electrical cables of 117 kilometres, and the construction and installation of 44 kilometre water lines of different diameters with all accessories.

They also included the construction of a 20-km sewage network; a 42-km rainwater drainage network, and 197 km of communication lines.

Recently, the Abu Dhabi General Services Company, Musanada, in collaboration with the Al Dhafra Municipality,  completed all the construction work of the first ladies beach project in Al Sila city, close to Al Sila port in the Al Dhafra region over a total area of 18,300 square metres.

According to Musanada, the scope of work included the construction of eight utility buildings with a total built-up area of 790 square metres, including administration offices, security facilities, lifeguard teams, a car park, restrooms, a women’s majlis, various restaurants, retail outlets for the sale of various items needed by beachgoers, as well as different public and utility facilities to ensure the comfort of visitors.

Musanada said the project will provide women with the highest quality of leisure services in line with international standards in a healthy and safe environment and within settings that maintain their privacy and observe the genuine values, customs and traditions of the UAE community. At the same time, the beach will offer women an opportunity to enjoy its components and facilities freely and comfortably.

The Al Dhafra Region Municipality affirmed that the execution of this project was guided by the directions of the rational leadership to provide the best leisure and recreational services and facilities to fulfil the needs of the members of the community and ensure their happiness.

The project aimed at developing a beach dedicated to women to practice swimming is a distinctive project, as it will add beauty to the Al Sila city beach, while providing a comfortable place for women to enjoy the beach in an optimal environment.

Al Sila city features a beautiful beach that attracts a lot of visitors as it has amenities, along with many leisure and recreational activities and venues for children, families and all members of the community.

Recently, an AED254.4-million infrastructure project was completed in the Al Shawamekh area, Abu Dhabi.

Musanada, the Abu Dhabi General Services Company delivered sectors 7 & 12 of the roads and infrastructure project in the area, which included constructing internal roads and building infrastructure for residential plots spanning 2.2 million square metres.

In a statement, Musanada said the project served 732 residential plots, 9 mosques, 3 schools, 13 parks and 12 government, commercial and other facilities, providing integrated infrastructure services to all residents of the area, including walkways.

Infrastructure works included the provision of storm water, potable water, sanitation, telecommunications, street lighting and electricity networks.

The project was in collaboration with the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport, and meets the highest international standards and specifications, added Musanada.

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