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Man in the dock for entering neighbour’s apartment while tipsy


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Mahmoud Mohsen, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Misdemeanour Court on Monday adjourned the case of a drunk Asian national charged with storming his neighbour's apartment. He was allegedly thinking it was his flat, the Court heard.

According to the Public Prosecution investigations, the accused, T.A., was drunk when he entered the apartment of his neighbour, who was alone at the time.

She was shocked to see him in her apartment unannounced, without knocking on the door or ringing the bell, and asked him to leave.

She also called the police after noting that the accused was intoxicated.

Before the court, the accused confessed to the charge of consuming alcohol, owing to which he entered the apartment of his neighbour by mistake.

That was because the apartment was adjacent to his flat, and since the drink had clouded his senses he entered the wrong flat. He confirmed that he did not deliberately enter the apartment, but realised that it was not his home only after passing through the door.

For its part, the Sharjah Misdemeanour Court deferred the case to March 11 to hear the plaintiff, while ordering that the accused continue his imprisonment.


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