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Dubai employee steals Dhs662,000 from company


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution has referred a 27-year-old Asian employee to criminal court for stealing  Dhs662,000 from his company.

Details of the incident date back to June, 2015, when an accountant of the company had reported two incidents regarding the theft of Dhs162,000, and embezzlement of Dhs500,000 that was committed by a driver of the company.

When investigating the suspect, he testified to receiving wire transfers from clients abroad.

In a previous similar incident, the suspect had used the authority given to him to convince a client company to write a Dhs500,000 cheque under his name and encashed it.

When the company asked him about the cheque, he claimed that bank has delayed enchashing the cheque as it was running short of cash .

The suspect repeated the same excuse for three continuous days until he disappeared from work and stopped answering his phone.

The company’s owner asked the accountant to visit the suspect’s house, and found that he was not there.

The owner then asked him to check the suspect’s passport in the company’s safe, but the accountant did not find the key where it was hidden.

He was forced to crack the safe, and found that the suspect had already taken his passport and stole Dhs162,000 from it.

Afterwards, the company discovered that the suspect had fled out of the UAE.



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