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Duo sentenced to death for murdering brother


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

On Saturday, the Dubai Criminal Court pronounced the death sentence on two Asians, who strangled their brother to death in an ‘honour killing.’

The two defendants planned the murder, and lured the victim to the UAE with promises of employment, then executed their plan within months of his arrival.

The defendants claimed an illicit affair was going on between the victim and the first defendant’s wife back in their home country.

Thus, they prepared for their crime with a rope, hammer, and a shovel, then invited the victim to dinner.

After dinner, the defendants offered the victim a ride back home, and drove him to a dark deserted area in Jebel Ali.

When the three of them got out of the vehicle, the second defendant immediately attacked and restrained the victim.

The first defendant asked directly whether there was an ongoing affair with his wife, and the victim confessed that there was.

Afterwards, the first defendant struck the victim’s face twice with the hammer, then wrapped the rope around his neck.

With the help of the second defendant, they strangled the victim and put his body in a bag to bury it.



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