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Drivers beware, your behaviour is also under radar


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

A new radar device capable of detecting the behaviour of drivers while driving on the streets was put into service, Brigadier Saif Muheer Al Mazrouei, Director of General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police, revealed.

The radar was subjected to several accurate experiments until it proved it was good in detection, he said.

Al Mazrouei explained that the radar was one of the latest devices manufactured in Dubai Police in collaboration with a manufacturing company and would contribute to bringing road security under control, limiting the commission of all kinds of violations.


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He pointed out that the device could shoot video clips that monitor the status and behaviour of drivers while driving, adding that it was able to detect several violations committed by a number of drivers, such as the use of mobile phones while driving, not sticking to the mandatory lane, not fastening seat belt, sudden swerving, to mention a few.

Praising Dubai Police’s endeavour to protect the lives of road users, Al Mazrouei pointed out that many people fall victim to the mistakes committed by others as a result of the lack of awareness among some drivers of the seriousness of the traffic violations they commit.

Meanwhile, Colonel Eng. Mohammed Ali Karam, Director of Traffic Technologies Department at the General Department of Traffic, said Dubai Police always take proactive steps in searching for what is new and what is best to guarantee the rights of road users.

He explained that the device uses artificial intelligence technologies and can be programmed to detect any type of violations and wrong behaviour. In addition to that, the device was connected to the automatic transmission network (G4) and the radar management system (RMS).


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