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Smart gate to fine traffic offenders in Abu Dhabi from Sunday

Smart Gate AD

The smart gate on Al-Ain-Abu Dhabi road.

In order to monitor volatile weather conditions, Abu Dhabi Police will be activating “smart gates” on the Al Ain-Abu Dhabi” road.

The gate will be sending instant signals to the “Safe City” centre, to determine the speed vehicles on the road according to the visibility situations through the sensor systems provided by smart gates. This will be starting on March 8 (Sunday).

Abu Dhabi's 50% discount on traffic fines to end on March 22

Drivers are called upon to conform to the speeds shown on the screens.

It added that radars installed in the towers capture traffic violations such as going beyond speed limit, unauthorised heavy vehicles and violations of not leaving a sufficient safety distance. Also, standing on the shoulder, blocking traffic and standing right up the road.

The goal of the smart gates is to reduce traffic accidents and enhance traffic safety for drivers and road users.

Abu Dhabi Police calls on the owners of vehicles to expedite their licencing to avoid being monitored and violated through smart devices.

Article 25 of the Traffic and Traffic law regarding driving an expired licence carries a fine of Dhs500, 4 traffic points and the vehicle booked in 7 days.


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