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Three-member gang jailed for robbing supermarket in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred a three-member African gang to the criminal court, for robbing over Dhs8,000 from a supermarket, apart from stealing telephone cards worth Dhs12,000.

The victim testified that two of the suspects had entered the supermarket at around 5.40am and bought a pack of cigarettes, then left the place. However, they came back again after a few minutes carrying knives, pointing them at the victim.

They asked the victim to give them all the money in the cash drawer, worth Dhs8,000.

The victim was also forced to hand them a wallet full of telephone cards worth Dhs12,000, and his personal wallet that contained the supermarket’s revenues worth Dhs7,900.

Afterwards, the suspects rushed out of the supermarket, and the helpless victim began to chase them. They quickly got into a white car and fled the scene.

A police officer testified that the operations room received a call about the robbery, and police patrols immediately rushed to the scene. Hearing the testimony of the victim, police learnt about the suspects’ description and successfully apprehended them.

Upon investigating the suspects, they confessed to their crime and were charged with armed robbery.



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