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Fake cops, kidnap and rob a man of Dhs5,000 in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred two Asians to the criminal court for impersonating police officers, kidnapping a man and robbing him of Dhs5,000 and other belongings. Defendants are 23 and 28 years old.

Official records indicate that on the day of the incident, the two suspects in Arab attire stopped victim and pretending to be CID officers asked the victim to accompany them.

The defendants had prior knowledge that  the victim has run away from his sponsor and was wanted by police.

They drove off to a highway in Al Hamriyah Area.

The suspects took the victim’s fingerprints on some device claiming to be checking his criminal record.

Afterwards, they informed the victim that he had to pay a Dhs50,000 fine for leaving his sponsor's job and illegally selling telephone cards.

They also threatened the victim that he would be jailed for 6 months followed by deportation for his crime.

When the victim denied all those accusations, both suspects began to search him and took Dhs5,000 from his wallet.

They also robbed him of 2 phones, ATM card, and his Nol card, then dropped him off the road and drove away.

A lady was standing where the victim was dropped off, and he immediately asked her to call the police.

Police officials investigated the incident and the two suspects were identified.

The suspects were detained and charged with kidnapping, theft, and impersonating police officers.

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